Jenny Bray Training & Consulting (JBTC) specialises in providing engaging, practical, well researched training services to the community care industry. Jenny has also provided training to NSW Local Governments. JBTC delivers training "in-house"; sub-contracted to other training providers; and from time to time we offer open training sessions that individuals can attend. Upcoming training sessions are advertised on our home page.

In-house training is delivered bespoke for every client. You do not get an 'off the shelf' product - each in-house session is catered to the participants. With considerable industry and training experience, we quickly ascertain key learning needs relating to organisation type; service type; job role; level of experience; and more. We have extensive knowledge of current theory and practice, as well as practical delivery experience through our management consulting contracts, and personal experiences in service delivery.

  • Jenny Bray Training & Consulting has delivered training to more than 3,500 individuals from over 190 different organisations across Australia
  • 99.96% of organisations have become repeat clients
  • Overwhelmingly positive evaluations are given by more than 95% of participants

A wide range of courses is available, and in-house training can be tailored or developed for a service or organisation's specific needs.

“Jenny is a fabulous trainer, she always addresses the group 'at their level' - no matter who the group is! She's very enthusiastic and energetic and people really relate to her. Jenny does more than just training - she also does consulting and projects - and it shows through her training. She uses her vast experience in direct service delivery and consulting to illustrate her points. She makes the information real and practical to people and to organisations. She knows the Big Picture but also can relate that to the 'grass roots'.”

Marina Antonas
Inner West Area Training Officer Burwood Council

“We use Jenny Bray as a trainer because for our sector, she comes with experience, expertise and familiarity with the work environment of our participants AND her knowledge of latest developments plays a big role. Participants want trainers who know their content and who have practical experience in the sector. Jenny has both. She understands the issues and dilemmas of providers and she helps people to solve those. Jenny is always on top of the industry's needs and is always one step in front, foreseeing what people might want to know.”

Dana Rosinski
Learning and Development Program Coordinator Western Sydney Community Forum

“This training was fantastic. Presentation exceptional. Extremely relevant to what I do every day. Being able to relate theory to practical applications.”

“Jenny definitely explains very difficult, complicated information in a lively and simple way. Easy to follow and understand. I love doing any training with Jenny. She is always engaging and knowledgeable.”

“I think it's great that Jenny had a thorough understanding of the tools, industry, assessments, approaches, policy, etc as it meant she could use relevant & appropriate examples. Quite often we are trained by people who have limited knowledge of what we do, the programs, tools, etc.”

Comments from participants