• “[Jenny has] an amazing skill in bringing together complex information, providing social, financial and political context, and then summarising it and articulating it in a way that a range of people can grasp the main messages.”
  • “[I liked] The flexibility to take discussion further & link it back to learning outcomes & ideas raised by individuals.”
  • “Well explained examples used that were relevant. Time for people to ask questions and discuss relevant issues.”
  • “Very knowledgable trainer.”
  • “Very informative and presented in an easy everyday language.”
  • “Trainers ability to individulize everyones needs...”
  • “Trainer was able to adapt course to questions.”
  • “The relaxed, easygoing atmosphere. Not being made to feel like you are in an exam situation. The amount of information available.”
  • “The balance of direct trainer education and group activities. Jenny providing direct one on one info to participants during breaks.”
  • “Relaxed inclusive learning environment.”