Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning has never been more important than it is in the current context.

JBTC can assist your organisation gain a full understanding of the current strategic position and options by way of a well designed, inclusive strategic planning process. You can choose how much involvement you want JBTC to have - from guiding the organisation through the complete process, to providing consultancy services at critical points throughout.

We can assist you design a strategic planning process right for your organisation and community.

This could include:

  • Identifying stakeholders and planning for how to engage them
  • Collecting evidence on your client groups' wants and needs (including by using contemporary Person Centred Approaches)
  • Assessing the external environment (demographic, political, policy context, industry best practice, competition, technological options, financial options and other)
  • Assessing the internal environment (service offerings, people, structures, systems, facilities, technology, finances and other)
  • Assisting with Scenario Planning (useful for low predictability / high risk consequence environments)
  • Identifying strategic issues and choices
  • Developing a strategic plan that will actually be used
Case Study: Dundaloo Support Services

Dundaloo Support Services (DSS) provides person centred support to adults with an intellectual disability, living in the Manning Valley. In partnership with DSS, JBTC designed a person centred process to reflect the strong person centred philosophy and practice of this innovative service. Unique features of this consultancy included:

  • Meeting with the majority of people who receive support from Dundaloo Support Services
  • Focus groups with family members and friends of people supported by Dundaloo, and families of potential service users
  • A review of each client's PATH and Person Centred Review (de-identified and aggregated to ensure the consultant never had access to personal information) and using the findings to generate strategic goals
  • Writing the Draft Strategic Plan in simple English, with goals and strategies in "plain words" and in "business words"
  • Suggesting the Plan be written as a "PATH", just like the plans of the service users

Dundaloo took ownership of the Plan, developed the organisation's PATH and further refined the accessibility of the document. Dundaloo is now in the process of writing their Operational Plan to support the Strategic Plan.