Policy Management

Are you:

  • Spending hours updating policies and procedures?
  • Finding multiple versions of policies throughout the organisation?
  • Lost as to how to keep policies easily and cost effectively up-to-date?

If yes, then a Policy Register could help you.

Policy Register

The JBTC Policy Register will enable your organisation to manage your policies and procedures and keep them up to date in an efficient, cost effective, well managed way. This product is targeted to meet the needs of small to medium sized non-government services, and is based on more than 2 decades of experience working with agencies of this type.

What the Policy Register will do?
  • Structure your policies so staff know where to find them
  • Enable staff to access current procedures and forms (no more version control problems!)
  • Generate a list of which policies and procedures are due for renewal this year, and which managers are responsible for drafting them
  • Track the progress of policy and procedure updates, keeping a history of changes
  • Enable multi-service organisations to manage the policy differences across service types (e.g. childcare, youth, aged care) but still have an over-arching policy framework
When will it be ready?

We are currently beta testing the product with a community care organisation that delivers services across a wide variety of human service sectors.

We expect the product to be launched in 2015. However, if you are interested in getting further information, feel free to contact JBTC.

What will it cost?

We haven't got a precise answer for that yet - that's part of what we are working on. But we know that small to medium NGOs don't have a lot of money and we've designed this with you in mind.