Inclusion Action Plans

JBTC can assist Local Governments, organisations and businesses to develop Disability Inclusion Action Plans that will build inclusive communities.

Examples of previous work includes:

  • Assisting Councils to develop Disability Inclusion Action Plans (assisted 7 Councils with the development of their Disability Inclusion Action Plans)
  • Facilitating the Inclusive Services in a Changing Environment workshop (Inner West ECI)
  • Conducting consultations with people with disabilities
  • Incorporating Easy Read information, surveys and reports into planning processes
  • Incorporating Person Centred methodologies into Strategic Planning development
Definition of Inclusion

Inclusion is the process whereby every person (irrespective of age, disability, gender, religion, sexual preference or nationality) who wishes to, can access and participate fully in all aspects of an activity or service in the same way as any other member of the community. Dimensions of inclusion include: Being heard; meaningful participation in social, economic and cultural life; connection and belonging; and opportunity to access supports when needed.

Definition of Disability

...includes a long-term physical, psychiatric, intellectual or sensory impairment that, in interaction with various barriers, may hinder the person’s full and effective participation in the community on an equal basis with others.

NSW Disability Inclusion Act 2014

The NSW Disability Inclusion Act 2014 will require NSW government departments, local councils and some other public authorities to develop and implement a Disability Inclusion Action Plan to support the inclusion of people with disability in the community, and improve their access to mainstream services and facilities.

Disability Inclusion Plans must:

  • be consistent with the State Disability Inclusion Plan
  • address how the Principles of the Act will be addressed
  • include specific strategies to support people with disability
  • describe how people with disability were consulted
  • be made available to the public
  • be reviewed in consultation with people with disability every four years
  • include progress reports published annually in the organisation's annual report