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In-house Training FAQ

What do you charge?

  • We charge a flat fee for each training session plus any travel, accommodation or other incidental charges as explained below.
  • For car travel we charge a per kilometre rate.
  • For all other travel - flights, taxis, car hire, etc - we will get you to reimburse what we paid. This includes any fees or charges incurred for making bookings. We try to keep these costs as low as possible, while ensuring that we deal with reputable and reliable vendors.
  • Any other incidental charges such as parking fees, tolls, etc - we will get you to reimburse. Again we try to keep these to a minimum.
  • If an overnight stay is required, we charge a flat charge (per night), which will cover the costs of accommodation and meals.
  • Normally we send you a pdf of training materials to print at your own cost. However, if you want us to print out the training materials, there is a flat fee.
  • Any cancellation fees, administration fees, change of booking fees, etc, which arise from changes you request you we will get you to reimburse. If changes arise from us we will pay for the changes.

What is included in the training fee?

  • Training sessions are adjusted to suit your service or service type.
  • Participants receive a handbook (we provide you with a pdf to print out the handbook at your own cost).
  • We will provide an attendance sheet (if you don't use your own) and certificates of attendance (if you want).
  • If required we provide evaluation forms. We will send them to you along with a summary of the evaluations.
  • We can provide a laptop & projector.
  • We provide general class materials such as flip chart paper, pens, white board pens.
  • We DON'T provide a whiteboard,

What is NOT included in the training fee?

  • Printing of course handbooks and other handouts is done at your own cost. We will send you a pdf of the required materials about a week before the training date.
  • If you need us to print out these materials, we will charge you a fee to cover our printing cost.

Class Size

  • Training sessions have been designed for a class of 15 people (to allow time for activities and for participants to get adequate attention).
  • There is no minimum class size.
  • Maximum class size is 20 people.

Class Times

  • Sessions usually run from 9:30am to 4:00pm with a morning break, a lunch break and an afternoon break.
  • We can adjust these times where necessary (to accommodate staff, or to avoid an extra overnight stay because of flight times).


  • We prefer a month's noticed for cancellations.