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NDIS - Money Matters

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The new world of Individualised Funding (IF) offers many opportunities for service users and organisations. Service users can get access to services they want, delivered how and when they want them. Organisations have an opportunity to deliver what is really wanted and needed, rather than sticking to a set menu, prescribed by contract with governments.

But is your organisation ready for the financial shift from block funding to individualised funding? Has your organisation explored what it means to go from a business-to-business model, to an environment that is about branding, marketing, selling and delivering to individual 'purchasers/customers'?

  • Understanding customer needs, wants and predicting purchasing behaviour
  • Understand cost centres and cost drivers
  • Unit costing
  • Invoicing requirements
  • Getting help
Full day
  • The experience of the trainer (who has actually worked in the industry)
  • The trainer knew knowledge of NDIS in relation to the variety of services in the room
  • Lots of interaction
  • Simple and easily understood samples. Great way of explaining a complex topic
  • Group work was fantastic
  • I liked the graphic Presentation
  • All workers in our organisation should do this course, to understand the implications of not evolving