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Rights and Responsibilties

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This course can be delivered in the context of supports for people with disability, or aged care.

Learn about the Human Rights underpinning the Rights framework of supports for people with disability and older people. By the end of the course you will have an in-depth knowledge of the rights of service users (from the United Nations Convention of the Rights of People with Disability) through to the Home Care Charter of Rights and Responsibilities.

Most importantly, you will explore practical applications of rights and responsibilities within your service context.

  • Range of topics (depending on aged or person with disability focus) could include:
  • Exploring the United Nations Convention of the Rights of People with Disability
  • Describe the legal and ethical concepts of discrimination
  • Apply rights in practical settings
  • Strategies to manage situations where the rights of services users could impact on the rights of workers
  • Balancing client's rights, carer recognition and a service's duty of care
Full day ONLY
Suitable for: 
All staff