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NDIS - Preparing Clients and Families

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This course teaches you how to prepare an Engagement and Communication Strategy aimed at informing, involving and empowering people with disabilities, their families and supporters, to engage effectively with the NDIS, and with your service.The key concept of this course is:


Jenny has run numerous NDIS information and consultation sessions with people with disability, their families and supporters. Jenny also has experience working with culturally and linguistically diverse communities, where cross-cultural understandings of 'disability' require careful consideration and sensitivity.

In this course Jenny passes on her years of knowledge and experience as an information provider, support worker to people with disability, community development practitioner, and business consultant. Jenny will personally assist you to design workshop evaluations that will enable your agency to collect vital market information, upon which the service can design services that people value and to promote them in ways that 'speak to where people are at'.

  • Define the information target and predict their information needs
  • What you need to know about Information and Informing
  • The Information to Empowerment continuum (Action Orientation)
  • Writing an Engagement and Communication Strategy
  • Designing workshop evaluations to understand 'customer' needs
Full day
Suitable for: 
All staff
  • Jenny's warm, enthusiastic and responsive approach.
  • Fantastic resources and links were shared.
  • Great snapshot & help put the puzzle together.
  • Able to adapt to what the group needed info on.
  • Strategies for Running Parent info sessions. Resources/websites for Professionals & Families
  • Very interesting and practical