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Working with Interpreters

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The willingness and ability to work with accredited interpreters is a vital component of linguistic competency. Working with accredited interpreters is one of the key strategies individuals and organisations use to over-come language barriers. This course provides an introduction to working with accredited interpreters in the community care context and explores the 'real life' challenges to introducing interpreters into that context. This course includes an orientation to Cultural Competency and Cultural Safety. Jenny Bray was recently recognised as an industry expert on this topic, when I was approached to write the chapter on Cultural Competency in the second edition textbook: Aged Care in Australia: a guide for aged care workers for TAFE NSW Training and Education Support, NSW Department of Education and Communities. This is the key text book for all candidates undertaking Certificate III in Aged Care in NSW.

  • Why we should use interpreters
  • When it is appropriate to u interpreters
  • Working with accredited interpreters (telephone and face to face)
  • Introducing interpreter services to clients and their families
  • Cultural Competency
Half day ONLY
Suitable for: 
all staff working in community care.
  • Fantastic practical course. Shows you how to get an interpreter and what to do (step by step)
  • Really liked the videos that showed us how to work with interpreters.
  • A good chance to discuss the difficulties of introducing an interpreter to a family when we've never used one before.