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Service Access & Assessment

Course details

This course focuses on the Service Access and Assessment processes within an organisation. Throughout the course, you will learn how to apply Expected Outcomes 2.1 (Service Access) and 2.2 Assessment, whilst also ensuring a strengths based, wellness or enabling approach (Expected Outcome 3.5) and the provision of information (Expected Outcome 3.1) to support the person's (service user's) choices. The course uses practical examples, and provides lots of opportunities to build on your current way of working and organisational systems.

  • Engage the person (service user) in an assessment partnership
  • Build on any information collected by previous assessors
  • Provide information (E.O. 3.1) to support choices during the Assessment conversation
  • Support, foster and encourage Independence throughout Access and Assessment processes
  • Link the outcomes of the Assessment to a Care Plan, Service Plan or Service Agreement
Full day ONLY
Suitable for: 
staff who interview service users at the point of Access or Assessment within the service.
  • The info theory was always brought back to how it integrated with our actual roles/situation. I was also impressed with the integration of Common Community Care Standards.
  • Clear explanation of Access & Assessment.
  • Everyone has the chance to participate in discussion & question.
  • Learning about the Common Standards & how they tie into what we do.
  • The links of intake and assessment to the common community care standards.
  • Participatory engagement of the learners.
  • Professionalism, enthusiasm, group activities.
  • The balance between the "presentation" part and the "interactive" part.
  • Trainer was approachable
  • Relevance to my job. enthusiasm & knowledge of facilitator - thanks Jenny
  • Presenters obvious knowledge of the area and engaging presentation style.
  • The 'Tree Analogy' for the Standards - Very well explained and fit into what I do and my work.
  • The instruction surrounding care plans. the reasons and benefits.
  • The thorough explanations. Very thought provoking.
  • Case study apply to our situation.
  • I wasn't bored. Very informative and entertaining.
  • Learning about the new directions for care & assessment re: enabling, active ageing, restoring independence.