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Professional Boundaries in the Consumer Directed World

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With the shift to consumer direction and person centred support, it is time to revisit these and be prepared to be challenged.

The notion of Professional Boundaries has always been a contested one, particularly in the support or caring industries. Workers, management and clients (and their families and supporters) have different views and perspectives on boundaries. Even within groups of clients, families or workers there is a wide variety of views. But now that the client has choice, the issue of the nature of the relationship between the client and the worker may need to shift again. More common in the NDIS/CDC worlds, is choice can be based on:

  • The personality, age, gender and interests of the worker, and how well this matches with the client ('Menu's' Listing workers by these categories is becoming more common)
  • Relationship between the worker and client (characterised perhaps as "Rapport" or one side, and "Friendship" on the other or even on both sides)
  • Service 'value adds' that are based on what the individual worker is willing to give as extras
  • Workers being recruited from within existing relationships - friends, acquaintances, neighbours - where industrial rights and responsibilities are overlaid onto informal, flexible and non-regulated relationships.
  • What are professional boundaries?
  • What are the common positive and negative consequences of blurring professional/personal boundaries? (and from who's perspective)
  • Define your Organisation's (or your personal) Boundary position and where and how this impacts on service offerings, and the organisation's Risk Profile
  • Within your framework, identify strategies to manage boundaries and avoid negative consequences of boundary confusion or disagreement
Full day
Suitable for: 
all staff working in community care.
  • Very relevant, gave me lots of ideas. Will improve my own performance and will be able to pass on to field workers.
  • The attitude and presentation of The Trainer was brilliant.
  • It was informative, very relevant to current job situation and well conducted
  • Great having workbook so can review course content
  • Professional & thorough. enthusiastically taught & facilitated.
  • Dynamic disclosure
  • The trainer really tailored the information to the group - resources given sound great. Made me start to question my values & circle of influence - will definitely use this.
  • The information & resources provided.
  • Jenny is a great presenter & engaged well with everyone
  • Enthusiastic, well researched topic applies to each of us, specific for care workers
  • Jenny = wonderful trainer.
  • self awareness, good reading material & references. Thanks.
  • I particularly liked the policy group exercise. Info on boundaries.
  • Fun