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Person-Centred Approaches

Course details

There are two main traditions of 'person centred' approaches: a) in disability services the concept is known as 'person centred planning'; and b) in aged care (particularly relating to persons with dementia) the concept is known as 'person centred care'. Depending on the service delivery context of the participants, this course introduces participants to the essential features of 'person centred' approaches and how this differs from previous approaches to service delivery. Participants are oriented to the underpinning philosophies and principles, and then are assisted to apply them in practical ways.

  • What is person centred planning or person centred care?
  • How individuals assess their Quality of Life
  • How can we focus on the person? (tools and tips to help you)
  • Back to work tomorrow - what you can apply straight away
  • Overcoming barriers to implementing person centred approaches
Full day ONLY
Suitable for: 
staff working in either aged care or disability services
  • Tailored exactly to what we needed - very relevant
  • Good explanations of ideas, great activities & practical exercises bringing the ideas home.
  • Program was well structured & used time well - clear presentation style.