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NO! - The When, Why & How of Saying No

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NO! When you should say it; Why you don't say it; and How to say NO without feeling guilty. One of the major areas of difficulties many of us have is in saying "no" - sometimes even when we know we really should say it. Feeling unable to say 'no' is one of the most common reasons behind professional boundary problems, and burnout. Not being able to say 'no' may also get in the way of achieving Expected Outcome 3.5 - Independence.

  • When we really should say 'no' - this includes situations that may involve legal implications such as OHS or duty of care; reasons related to professional boundaries; and when you need to 'self care'
  • Why people have difficulty saying 'no' - this is related to learning about yourself, your personality, communication style, your cultural background and generation - you also learn that saying 'no' is a skill
  • Learning to say 'no' - how to say 'no' and how to deal with any after affects of saying it
Half day ONLY
Suitable for: 
volunteers and staff who find the word 'no' difficult
  • Entertaining and knowledgeable as always.
  • Thinking about different ways of approaching challenging situations.
  • Very informative