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Measuring Outcomes

Course details

Shift your focus away from measuring what we do and how much of it we do (inputs and outputs) towards documenting what is achieved - Outcomes. This plain English, no nonsense course, will introduce you to a range of ways to measure the positive changes people experience in their lives because of the assistance of our services provide. This course will provide you with practical ideas, tips and sample forms that will ensure:

  • Plans and service agreements are outcomes focused or goal oriented
  • Staff know what the person (service user) wants to achieve and are on the look out for signs of progress towards these aims
  • Documentation is well planned, individually tailored and ready to capture information about individual progress
  • The organisation can prove its effectiveness and identify areas for improvement
  • What measures do and how baselines work
  • Types of measures
  • Choosing the right measures
  • Linking day-to-day documentation of observations to broader organisational measures
  • Measuring the organisation's effectiveness
  • Goal templates and ideas for your use
Full day
Suitable for: 
Coordinators, Front Line Staff, Boards. Half day version available.
  • Its relevant to the new funding thats coming
  • [Like most...] thinking about measures - the different types & how this reflects service type effectiveness.
  • I was challenged, had to think but this was enjoyable