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Course details

This course explores lots of possibilities and options for thinking about how your agency already supports, fosters and encourages Independence; and how it might enhance Independence. We will explore the many different ways to think about Independence, and ideas - from simple to ambitious - for supporting it. This course will take a particular look at areas that some services have found challenging - such as working with people who are very aged and frail, or with people who do not communicate using words (i.e. not verbal). By the end of the session your agency will not only be able to answer the Self Assessment on Expected Outcome 3.5 - it will be looking forward to the opportunity to promote and illustrate the fantastic results it is helping people to achieve.

  • What do we mean by 'Independence'?
  • What is the difference between supporting, fostering and encouraging Independence?
  • Identifying existing independence
  • Planning for improvements in independence
  • Workshop the situations you find challenging about enhancing independence
Full day
  • Excellent strategies.
  • Addressed individual concerns. Easily understandable. Enthusiasm.
  • Great examples - Facilitator very energetic and positive - felt really engaged and interested
  • Interactive learning
  • Discussion re. Options to use in goals
  • What I liked was the trainer's abilities to share barriers. Share stories.
  • What I liked most was Jenny's enthusiasm and knowledge
  • Presenting a different way of thinking
  • Good clear concise communication
  • Trainer had empathy for difficulties we face in setting up enhancing independence within workplace
  • Easy to follow and relate to - great examples, moved well and was not boring
  • Relevant examples. Understood where we are coming from
  • Enthusiasm and knowledge of training with excellent every day examples
  • Jenny's approach and method of engagement of the whole group
  • I liked the way the material was presented