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From RAS Referral to Goal Oriented Support Plan

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Gone are the days of waiting for people to come to you to be assessed for eligibility to access your services. The new world and better world will be all about people with individual packages, having choice and control over what support they want, from whom and when. If your service hasn't got the systems, people and skills to assist individuals and families from the point of enquiry to signing on the dotted line, then you're not ready for the future.

  • What do individuals and families want?
  • Understanding needs and wants - researching your market
  • Know your product - service offerings and organisational values
  • Generating enquiries - reaching your markets
  • Product Disclosure - being clear about what's on offer
  • Listen and learn - refining your system
Full day ONLY
Suitable for: 
Boards, CEOs, Management, Senior Staff and Coordinators