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Wellness, Re-ablement and Restorative Approaches

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This course provides an introduction to the theories underpinning 'Enabling' approaches to community care, and works with participants to implement the concepts in a practical, hands on way. Enabling (as it is known in New South Wales), and other strengths based, restorative and 'active' initiatives, are becoming the expected philosophical approaches to the delivery of community care services. This is not just a new set of questions to add to your assessment - this is a fundamentally different way of approaching and working with people (our clients). Simply put, Enabling is about shifting our thinking away from services doing FOR, or doing TO the people we work for, and instead focusing on doing WITH them, in order to assist them to achieve their own definition of potential. The driving technique of Enabling is to focus on what a person can do and what they want to be able to do, rather than focusing on what they can't do. NOTE: What we know from the preliminary findings of services is currently implementing Enabling approaches is that, to be really successful, ALL levels of an organisation need to be 'on board' and understand and appreciate the Enabling approach. This course can be delivered to a vast array of audiences. The course content and lesson plan is always tailored to fit the specific service / network or context in which it is run. For instance, there would be a different approach taken with volunteer direct support providers, than case managers who have to broker (contract) services.

  • What is an Enabling, wellness or 'active' approach?
  • Core concepts underpinning Enabling
  • Differences between our current approach and an Enabling approach
  • Applying an Enabling approach (let's get practical!)
  • Motivating and inspiring people to identify and achieve their goals
  • Opportunities and barriers to implementing Enabling approaches
Full day ONLY
Suitable for: 
all community care staff (or volunteers) from front line to Boards and management