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Enabling/Wellness Approaches - Beyond Awareness Raising

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This course if for organisations ready to take the next serious steps into supporting Active Aging, Strengths Based Approaches, Evidence Based Approaches, Enhancing Independence ... or in other words... an Enabling Approach. Jenny has significant experience supporting large and small organisations to implement changes to support an Enabling Approach. Over the last 5 years, Jenny has been working with organisations in New South Wales and South Australia that are fully engaged in enhancing independence. This experience means that Jenny can offer stories and suggestions for how individuals and organisations can develop a more Enabling/ Wellness Approach, and to document evidence that this is occurring.

  • Exploring the dimensions of Independence and Wellbeing
  • Assisting people to see their potential
  • Getting to outcomes based or goal oriented Care Plans, Service Plans or Service Agreements
  • Getting past vague goals
  • Measuring and documenting a person's progress
  • Building a tool kit of Enabling ideas
Full day ONLY
Suitable for: 
must have basic knowledge of enabling approaches
  • What I liked most? The grass roots application of the course.
  • I was pleased to walk away with tools to measure changes in wellbeing and independence, and to incorporate these into procedures as part of CCCS
  • I liked the presenter's way of delivering the information
  • Placing our 'Client' as our priority & enable them to improve their current situation.
  • What I liked most? The content, the ideology.
  • I liked the workshop groups.
  • I liked learning how re-wording questions can enable someone.
  • I leaned a lot very it was very helpful .
  • I liked that it was active, moving, motivational, encouraging.