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Duty of Care

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'Duty of care' is a phrase often used in community care. You owe a duty of care to clients, your co-workers, volunteers and the general public (who come into contact with you in your job). But would you be able to confidently define what means in both a legal and ethical sense? This course provides a practical, interactive and concise session where you learn and apply the legal and ethical definitions of 'Duty of Care'.

  • Legal and ethical definitions of duty of care
  • Negligence and how to avoid it
  • Systems that help us to maintain our duty of care
Full day
Suitable for: 
all staff and managers of community care services.
  • Interactive session, clear concise information.
  • A fantastic, enjoyable training session where I learnt a lot. Very informative and presented in an easy everyday language.
  • ...helped me to clarify my responsibilities