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Disability Awareness

Course details

Provides an introduction to working with people who have a disability. The course outlines the key issues facing people with a disability, and their carers; the range of individual needs of clients; and broad principles underpinning work with people who have a disability. This course is grounded in the 'social model' of disability which states that 'disability' is an interplay between an individual's functional abilities and the society in which they live. This means that 'Dis-ability' has as much to do with the attitudes, values and resources of society, as it does with the attributes of the individual.

  • Disability in the community, including definitions and an exploration of views of disability in history and now
  • Rights, interests and needs of people with a disability
  • Adjusting ourselves and our service delivery to the individual
Full day ONLY
Suitable for: 
staff working with people who have a disability.
  • I found the training to be very enlightening and feel I liked the non judgemental attitude and the participation of the group and teacher.
  • Examples using history & discussion.
  • Seeing our achievements (group work) from past (8 yrs ago) till now as an organisation.
  • Positive attitude - encouragement to think.
  • No boring bits - flowed well - interesting.
  • The style of presentation as I find a mix of lecture/talking & visual useful.
  • Opportunity to participate and air views in a group. History on disability was engaging and worthwhile to understand the subject.
  • The discussion opportunities and the chance for management input.
  • Style of facilitator & ability to connect with all levels competently.
  • I liked the opportunity for discussion within the group.
  • I liked being involved in discussion. Reflective thinking.
  • Easy to learn. Clear and easy to understand.
  • It was very interesting & informative. It was very easy to understand. Also I liked that we had a chance to have input.
  • I liked most - Clarity of explanation and knowledge of product.
  • I think Jenny was very good in explaining the course and was very clear.
  • The way the world is changing for people with disabilities. Interaction without singling person/s out. Interesting start to finish.
  • The confident delivery - knowledge of subject.
  • I liked most - The trainer's presentation.
  • I liked most - Time travelling, engaging conversations.