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Consumer Directed and Person Centred Care - for frontline workers

Course details

This course is for organisations that have trained their coordination and management staff and are now preparing their front line staff to practically implement the choice and control offered by CDC packages. Shift your workers' thinking from "time and task" to providing flexibility and consolidating or enhancing capacity for independent living. Offering flexibility will be the key to clients' satisfaction with services of the future. Your front line workers may need a new set of tools and techniques to shift to the new world of delivering what client's want, rather than delivering what they or others think a client needs.

  • Focusing on client wants and how they communicate
  • Delivering services flexibly whilst adhering to the care plan
  • Negotiating with clients
  • Supporting choice and control for people with dementia
Full day ONLY
Suitable for: 
Frontline Workers.
Understanding of enablement and enhancing independence is helpful but not compulsory