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Client Self Management

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As we head into a new wave of individualised funding models in the industry, clients will be provided the opportunity to manage their funding allocation budget on the supports they want to receive. Your service will need to prepare how to work with clients and assist them to effectively manage their allocated budget to provide sustainable services throughout the year. This training will present core components required to work with individuals to assist them to identify their support needs and allocate budgets. This training is NOT about how to do Unit Costing. In preparation of the 'new world' of individualised funding, Organisations will need to design their service offerings and ascertain unit costs for services. Unit costing and designing scalability within the service requires an understanding of fixed and non-fixed costs; cost drivers for service offerings; and marginal costs. Future training will be designed to provide information on this aspect of Organisational development.

  • What is Self Directed Support?
  • Resources for Supporting Individualised Models
  • Decision Making
  • Identifying Outcomes and Supporters
  • Outlining Plans and Strategies
  • Allocating Budgets
Full day ONLY
Suitable for: 
Staff working with people with a disability who are interested in becoming Facilitators to Self Managed Support