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Case (Care) Conferencing

Course details

This course will step you through the process of planning, organising, implementing and following up a case (care) conference. The course comes with a FREE suite of materials (in Word Document Format) designed to assist you - it will save you hours and hours of work! The kit includes:

  • Detailed instructions and tips on implementing a case (care) conference
  • A check list for steps in the process and documents supporting it
  • TEMPLATES of documents such as - Letters of Invitation; Consent Forms; Input Forms; Advocate Nomination Forms; Feedback Letters and much more!

The training will show you how to use the kit and provides essential tips for conferencing in keeping with the Expected Outcomes of the Common Community Care Standards. Download the materials NOW for FREE from the home page.

  • Identifying the need for a Conference
  • Gaining required consents (understanding the legal framework around this issue)
  • Putting the person (client/service user) at the centre of the process and documenting their wishes
  • Family caucusing
  • Inviting and preparing participants - including tips to get others keen to be involved
  • Collating the input from other service providers and preparing the group for the meeting
  • Implementing the conference - and dealing with common challenges
  • Following up after the conference
Full day ONLY
Suitable for: 
case managers and key workers operating within the community care (aged care or disability services) contexts of New South Wales, Australia - although there may be aspects that could be of use in other contexts.
  • Trainer v. good - information v. good.
  • Fantastic day. Well structured, focused & delivered. Would recommend.
  • What I liked the most? The presentation.
  • Very informative on a subject I knew little about. The process from scratch.
  • What I liked the most? The templates for letters, collecting people's information & the food was great.
  • Relaxed style of imparting knowledge.
  • What I liked the most? Group interaction and shared ideas.
  • Provision of letters & forms to utilise.
  • Subject was very interesting (Case Conferencing). Jenny presented in a very easy to understand format.
  • Presenter, knowledgeable, organized, dynamic.
  • Course was very clear in its Delivery. Systematic.
  • What I liked the most? The resources.
  • What I liked the most? The topic.
  • I liked: Learning how to make a case conference more person centred.
  • I liked: The practical workshop aspect