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Care Coordination or Case Management - What is the Difference?

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Many services that are not funded to deliver case management believe that they actually do provide case management services. And in fact, many probably do. The problem is, undertaking case management activities can begin to take up more and more of a service's time, and actual funded outputs (hours spent doing what it is that you are funded to do) can begin to be affected. Also, extending too far into a case management role can have negative impacts for the client - such as the client (ironically) progressively losing independence and resillience; or the service inadvertantly masking the increased care needs of the client. This course provides an exploration of the similarities and differences between two closely related functions: client care co-ordination and case management. The trainer is well versed in current service type descriptions for these functions, and has extensive experience in assisting services to focus on the function relevant to their funded role.

  • What is case management and what is care coordination?
  • Characteristics of clients who require case management as opposed to care coordination
  • Defining and maintaining the limits of care coordination
  • Helping to expand support networks around clients
Full day ONLY
Suitable for: 
all community care staff (aged care, HACC and disability services)
  • The case studies made the differences/similarities between CM & CC easier to understand.
  • Good understanding of practice examples.
  • All topics are interesting & helpful