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Behaviours of Concern

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"Challenging behaviour" is not a useful term. It is a descriptive and socially constructed term. Use of the term says as much about an environment's inability to cope with an individual's behavioural issues, as it does about the individuals to whom the term is applied. And yet, some behaviours that individuals display can result in serious consequences for themselves and for others, such as jeopardising physical safety, or seriously limiting access to social opportunities and the use of ordinary community facilities. Supporting social participation and inclusion, requires us to understand how to support individuals whose behaviours are seriously impacting on their lives. This course is designed get you to think about what behaviour is, and then to explore how different definitions of 'behaviours of concern' can influence our techniques for responding to behavioural phenomena. Although human behaviour is a complex area of study, this one day course provides a brief introduction to:

  • basic concepts in behavioural psychology
  • our responses to behaviour in others
  • Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

This course is intended as a starting point in considering behaviours of concern you may need to do further specific training in techniques for responding. However, this course endeavours to provide a forum where your current workplace challenges can be considered, and positive behavioural support strategies explored. This course can be delivered with disability support services specific content, or with consideration to broader service delivery contexts.

  • What is behaviour?
  • Definitions of challenging behaviour
  • Factors that influence behaviour
  • Positive Behavioural Support
Full day ONLY
Suitable for: 
all staff working in disability or home support (HACC) services
  • Made me look at situations from a different perspective.
  • Excellent content good balance theory & activity
  • Learning How my behaviour affects others.
  • Given me a completely different view on behaviours & how to achieve positive outcomes.
  • It was always interesting, no boring moments.
  • [Liked Most...] Jenny's ability to interact with care workers and involve us all in the training.