Jenny Bray trainingJenny Bray Training and Consulting (JBTC) can help your organisation to thrive, by providing affordable services tailored to your needs. Many of our clients have been using our consulting and/or training services for 17 years.

JBTC constantly monitors the national and international policy, research and practice environments, and brings this knowledge to you, along with the ability and experience to implement it. We offer a unique mix of practical service development knowledge and experience, as well as an ability to communicate complex topics simply. We specialise in saving you time, money, and a whole lot of stress.

Jenny is very informative and a well versed facilitator. Because I am new to the governance area, it was great to have a facilitator with such extensive knowledge and ability to explain across so many areas of knowledge.

Board Member
Peppercorn Services Inc.

Jenny has a wonderful grasp of all the details of the reforms and the policy context, which was extremely valuable to our Board in guiding our discussions. She has been extremely valuale to us, and was able to provide us with extra information on a whole range of topics.

Denise Handcock
Executive Officer, Peppercorn Services Inc.

Easy Access Registration List (EARL)

Jenny Bray Training and Consulting (JBTC) has achieved registration under the NSW Department of Finance and Services, Performance Management Services Scheme, Easy Access Registration List. This allows for JBTC to provide  performance  and  management  services  valued  at  up  to $50,000 (inclusive of GST) to NSW Government agencies without requiring a prequalification process. Agencies may elect to contract JBTC using the Standard EARL Contract, which allows for streamlined contracting and reporting requirements.

Services provided by Jenny Bray Training and Consulting:

  • Training services (highly experienced)
  • Inclusion Action Plans (using inclusive community consultation methods)
  • Ageing Strategies (including enabling membership to the WHO Global Network of Age-Friendly Cities and Communities)
  • Strategic Planning (including using Person Centred Approaches)
  • Management Consulting (Strategic Planning, Operational Plans, Business Plans, Disaster Recovery Planning, Policy, Information Management, ICT Planning and more)