Active Ageing and Ageing Strategies A one page information sheet on active ageing and the role of Ageing Strategies. Useful as a handout for consultations or to inform staff.
Case Conferencing Package A suite of materials, in Microsoft Word (.doc) format, to assist you to convene, prepare for, implement and follow up a case conference.
Outcome Plan A tool to assist the development of outcome based or goal oriented care plans. Uses the domains: 'Everyday Tasks'; 'Getting Out and About'; 'Social'; 'Health and Wellbeing'. Uses the 'Working/Not Working/Would like to change' strategy and includes questions on 'how would you like to spend your personal budget?'.
The AWACCS Instrument The AWACCS instrument enables workers to identify changes they observe in their clients (e.g. functional, cognitive or physical - such as weight loss) and effectively report these to their supervisors.
Volnet Database Shortcut Maker If you are not from the Volunteer Network this file is useless to you.
Creates a shortcut to the Volunteer Network Database on the desktop, named 'Volunteer Database'.
Double-click to run; browse to find VN_sys.mdb (or VN_sys if extensions are not displayed); select the VN_sys.mdb; click Open.

Conference Papers
2011-05-03 NSW HACC & Community Care Conference 2011, Sydney
"Emotional Labour, Boundaries and Burnouts: Supporting Volunteers and Workers"
2011-02-28 Aged and Community Care Tri-State Conference 2011, Albury
"Maintaining Professional Boundaries in Community Care: Essential skills for Managers and Personal Care Workers"