Change Management - course details

Change is the one constant. Change is everywhere - in aged care, children's services, disability support services, vocational education and training, local government - everywhere!. And we're feeling it. Have you noticed a rise in anxiety in the workforce? Noticed some of your senior employees saying "I'm too old for this maybe I should take early retirement?" Is your agency experiencing a strain at middle to senior management level? Is there too much to get through in Board meetings lately? Then you need to learn about change management.

HCS 1.6, 1.7; NSW DSS 6
Topics covered:
  • What are the main drivers for change in your industry?
  • How does change affect organisations and individuals?
  • What are the principles of managing change?
  • What does managing change involve?
  • How to take charge of change and bring people with you - or how to go beyond surviving change and thrive instead.
Full day
Suitable for: 
Coordinators, Managers, Front Line Staff, Boards. Available in half day version for some contexts.
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